Jodi Godfrey Bio

Specialist in Navigating the Continuum of Divorce

Five years post divorce, six attorneys to get there, and two children to nurture through it and beyond, constitute the credentials and insights in surviving an Endless DivorceTM. Endless because when children are involved there is -- simply put -- no end to the relationship with your former spouse, just the beginning of a new way of having to relate and navigate. Once a parent, always a parent; and yet, co-parenting in the post judgment phase often remains contentious: it’s a matter of money and control. Too often, the concept of “in the best interests of the children” is a nice phrase that carries little weight and even less respect. I offer valuable “lessons learned” to those who are at any point in the process of divorce.

I aim to help you learning what obstacles to avoid, and gaining the wisdom to steer through the messiness of ongoing issues so you can learn to best survive the trials of post divorce. I’ve co-founded a peer support group of women who assemble to help each other navigate the incredibly painful and devastating aspects of divorce. Our support group offers a safe haven where women can talk freely, share their emotions and be understood by empathic co-members. Our mission is to provide women with support, education and the resources to empower them throughout the entire divorce process and after their divorce is finalized. We pride ourselves in recognizing the healing power of camaraderie and maintaining a sense of humor. Our goal is to help women feel supported, understood, and inspired to conquer this very trying and often unexpected phase of life.

His journey took him through an Upward Bound program at the University of Pennsylvania where he developed a desire, the skills and confidence to attend college on a 3-year R.O.T.C. scholarship. Eventually he discovered that he was being called into the ministry. But there was one problem. . . he stuttered. And, he had stuttered most of his life. But through prayer, persistence and study of how we are able to reprogram ourselves to change deep-rooted patterns of thoughts, habits and attitudes, he was able to stop stuttering and totally transform his entire life.

Whether contemplation separation, or facing a divorce filing; Whether finalizing a divorce settlement or preparing for a post divorce motion, we help with the healing, parenting issues, financial concerns, dating challenges, and re-building self-esteem. For more information, go to: