Michael Williams Bio

Michael Williams has a real passion for people and technology. With a serious background in ministry, social services and technology, he is able to integrate the very best from these fields into each and every service he delivers. He is the founder of The Place to Learn, Corp. and serves his community as a Professor at Hillsborough Community College and as a relationship coach with You&Me, a program of Family Resources, Inc.

A Personal Story. . .

Michael was left by his birth mother in the hospital and was finally taken into a wonderful family at the age of 6 months. He owes his life, character and drive to his family and upbringing in the church where he learned the value of having an intimate relationship with God.

His journey took him through an Upward Bound program at the University of Pennsylvania where he developed a desire, the skills and confidence to attend college on a 3-year R.O.T.C. scholarship. Eventually he discovered that he was being called into the ministry. But there was one problem. . . he stuttered. And, he had stuttered most of his life. But through prayer, persistence and study of how we are able to reprogram ourselves to change deep-rooted patterns of thoughts, habits and attitudes, he was able to stop stuttering and totally transform his entire life.

Married, 20 years at the time of this writing, Michael owes much of his success to his wife Myra with whom he has been with since the age of 16. One of Michael’s greatest desires is to help every individual become a more productive citizen in whatever area he or she feels called. He believes that one can be more productive when they have an intimate relationship with God, inspiration, encouragement, support, knowledge, and, believe it or not, technology. Though technology will look very different in the future, he believes this is a tool that can be used to serve humankind in ways we cannot even imagine today.